Graduation development
First, the study: domestic and international tourism, recreation, business management, leisure and health related research institutes.
Second, graduate students can be divided into:
A. Tourism: team leader, tour guide, travel agency business staff, managers, tourism teachers.
B. leisure sports: sports coaches, children physical fitness teachers, silver hair group fitness teachers, swimming lifeguards, physical fitness guidance
Staff, gym manager, outdoor sporting goods line management, single sports association, spa, health phase
Off industry.
C. Recreation and recreation: National Park, Forest Recreation Area, Citizen Camp Scenic Area Leisure Farm, Theme Park, Resort and
Sports club planning, research, service and management.
D. Public officials: related categories of civil service examinations.
【Business Outlook】
"Leisure travel" and "sports health care" is not only one of the major development industries of the government; and on the basis of the existing huge industry, along with the advent of the old society, leisure holiday planning, outlook on life and other factors, Become a part of life; the Department of this focus on this development trend, the school will be combined with the faculty, and gradually extended to the production of official school and other outstanding teachers, set up important important courses to nurture students with both academic and theoretical practice Of the professionals to look forward to graduation students can have a good workplace development.
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