Sports and leisure department enrollment characteristics
Department of educational philosophy
Cultivate a professional knowledge, humanistic spirit and social care of the sports and leisure industry professionals
Department of educational goals
1. Cultivating humanistic accomplishment and ethical attitudes of social concern
2. Train sports professionals with health knowledge
3. Cultivation of tourism with the knowledge of leisure and recreation professionals
Development plan
1. Plastic care service enthusiasm, training students' humanities and social care
2. To promote the professional certification system, to promote the management of the system through professional evaluation
3. Improve the quality of teaching and improve students' learning outcomes
4. Implementation of semester students outside school practice, strengthen the professional ability of students in the industry
5. Union private enterprise cooperative travel agency, training students professional korean leaders
6. Promote international academic activities and expand communication between teachers and students
Unit status and characteristics
1. To exercise health care and recreational recreation for the development of the spindle
2.100% Assistant Professor above level teacher
3. Business paid for the semester outside the school practice performance is good
4. Students get national examinations / international professional license fruitful
5. The only country with the Czech Republic, travel agents, the development of the power of the Department of the Department of the Department of Science
6. To promote internships in New Zealand, for two consecutive years by the Ministry of Education to learn the sea dream plan subsidy affirmed
7. The use of sports venues facilities to undertake the health promotion, event management and other programs
8.The employment rate of graduates is as high as 95%, which is very satisfied by employers.
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