Job title Name Content Duty agent
Associate Professor Hai-Chu Wu(Chairperson)


Integrate departmental business Michael Su
Assistant professor Michael Su


Off-campus student internship affairs

Assist department chairman to integrate departmental businesses

Hai-Chu Wu
Officer MIki Chu


Ø   Conference and meeting preparations

Ø   Various student affairs

Ø   Freshman admission affairs

Ø   Graduate departure and employment affairs

Ø   Faculty hiring and promotion affairs

Ø   Curriculum, teaching and learning affairs

Ø   Faculty and student global exchange, joint-dual degree, sister-  school exchange student affairs

Ø   Budgeting, procurement, property and requisition

Ø   Collecting basic data of school affairs

Ø   Managing official records

Ø   Processing ISO document business

Ø   Evaluation affairs

Ø   Maintaining website

Ø   Off-campus student internship affairs

Ø   Daytime admission by recommendation and screening/joint  admission by registration and placement, evening recruitment by  itself affairs

Ø   Others

Edward Yang
Contract employee Edward Yang


Ø   Curriculum of Physical Education, teaching and learning affairs

Ø   Maintaining and managing professional classroom equipment,  property procurement, acceptance check, disposition , transfer

Ø   Maintaining website

MIki Chu