Sports and leisure department to “travel the world, all healthy” for the purpose

To plan the two modules, “Leisure Recreation Service” and “Sports Health Care Guidance”, and the following are educational objectives:

1, cultivate humanistic accomplishment and social concern of the ethical attitude.

2, cultivate a health awareness of the movement to guide professionals.

3, cultivate a travel knowledge of leisure and recreation professionals.

Cultivate the characteristics

First, leisure and recreation service group: to engage in domestic tourism travel agency professionals, and bicycles (Bicycle), mountain climbing (Mountain),

Martial arts (Wushu), swimming (Swimming) of the country travel movement for the characteristics of the election, with the exit to travel and sightseeing,Covering

1.indoor office line: wire, ticketing, OP.

2.the business line: the order in charge, management.

3.collar line: international tourism leader, tour guide. And other leisure travel professionals.

Second, the sports health guidance group: to health care fitness coach to guide the professional talent, elective to the elderly sports health guidance course, And with Bicycle, Mountain, Wushu, Swimming as the main recreational sport,Each with its English word “BMWs”, is a leisure sport, rather than a car. In line with environmental protection and energy conservation of the “low-carbon tourism” era trend,

Such as the combination of leisure and recreational services group, the two combinations of “BMWs tourism”. To provide a variety of learning opportunities,

To help students after graduation to choose leisure recreation or leisure sports health guidance and other areas of development.

Curriculum planning

First, the basic courses: integration of recreational recreation industry and leisure sports guidance related to the theory and practice of technology, training further study of the researchers,

As well as leisure sports guidance and recreational recreation related industry service personnel.

Second, the industry teacher courses: hire high-level industry executives, as well as business leaders, the school set up related courses, collaborative teaching, seminars,

With the theory and practice with the work to strengthen the workplace skills.

Third, internship courses: the design of internal and external internship courses to enhance students to adapt to workplace ability.

Fourth, the license course: with the national examination project, set up relevant courses, counseling students to obtain the relevant license.

Fifth, outside the Department of the school: with the school meal management, the elderly welfare, cultural and creative, the application of the English Department of tourism-related to leisure and leisure

Silver hair sports health guidance course, to strengthen the students catering and hotels, silver industry, cultural creativity, sightseeing English related professional knowledge.